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A meeting with representatives of Brazilian and British film industries can open doors for future partnerships here and there. That is the intent of the MarketPlace London, that is part of the 2nd Brazilian Film Festival programme, brought by Inffinito to London between 1st and 5th of September.

Fernando Meirelles (directing Julianne Moore in Blindness) will be at the MarketPlace

The key name to take part in the debate panels could not be anyone other but the single most internationally successful Brazilian filmmaker today. Oscar and Bafta nominated director Fernando Meirelles (City of God), will talk about his experiences in filming The Constant Gardener (also nominated for a Bafta). His executive producer Gail Egan (who also produced Blindness and often collaborates with Mike Leigh) will join the director.
Other important names in Brazilian cinema that will be present are Alberto Flaksman, Head of International Affairs for Brazil´s National Cinema Agency (Ancine), and three of the most acclaimed film producers in the country: Lucy and Paula Barreto (Lula, The Son of Brazil, The Middle of the World) and Mariza Leão (My Name Ain´t Johnny, The Battle of Canudos).
On the British side, Chris Pickard (from Critical Divide and consultant for the Rio Film Commission) and Samantha Horley (Managing Director of Salt. Company) are also confirmed. Chairing the event will be Isabel Davis, Senior Executive of the recently abolished UK Film Council.
The event will take place next Friday 3rd, from 2pm, at the Princess Anne Theatre, located at the headquarters of Bafta Academy. The target audience are film professionals, and entry is free, yet by application on Bafta´s website.

Um encontro entre representantes das indústrias cinematográficas brasileira e britânica pode abrir as portas para futuras parcerias lá e cá. Essa é a intenção do MarketPlace London, evento que integra a programação do 2o Brazilian Film Festival, promovido pela Inffinito em Londres, entre 1o e 5 de setembro.
O nome-chave para integrar os paineis de debates não podia ser outro, senão o mais internacionalmente bem-sucedido cineasta brasileiro da atualidade. Fernando Meirelles, indicado ao Oscar e ao Bafta de melhor diretor, falará sobre suas experiências em filmar O Jardineiro Fiel. Sua produtora executiva Gail Egan (também em Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira, e parceira frequente de Mike Leigh) acompanhará o diretor.

Paula and Lucy Barreto (pictured with filmmaker Fábio and producer Luiz Carlos Barreto) will also attend

Outros nomes importantes do cinema brasileiro que estarão presentes no MarketPlace serão Alberto Flaksman, assessor internacional da Agência Nacional de Cinema (Ancine), e três das maiores produtoras do país: Lucy e Paula Barreto (Lula, O Filho do Brasil, O Caminho das Nuvens), e Mariza Leão (Meu Nome Não é Johnny, A Guerra de Canudos).
Do lado britânico, estão confirmados Chris Pickard (da Critical Divide e consultor para a Rio Film Commission) e Samantha Horley (Managing Director da Salt. Company). A mediação ficará a cargo de Isabel Davis, Senior Executive do recém abolido UK Film Council.
O evento acontece na próxima sexta-feira, 3, a partir das 14h, no Princess Anne Theatre, que fica na sede do Bafta. O público-alvo são profissionais do cinema, e as inscrições são gratuitas, ainda que por aplicação pelo site do Bafta.

Lula – The Son of Brazil will be the opening film for the 2nd Brazilian Film Festival this year. The gala screening will be held at the Princess Theatre, at the Bafta Academy, on September 1st.

Newcomer Rui Ricardo Diaz plays president Lula

Based on the book of the same name by Denise Paraná, the film looks in dramatic form at the life of Brazil’s current President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. From his birth in 1945 and impoverished childhood as a shoe shine boy until 1980 when he became the leader of the Workers’ Party, this local box-office hit tells this extraordinary and inspiring story of his rise above hardship, up to the death of his mother Dona Lindu, who raised eight children on her own while teaching them all to live life with dignity, no matter what.

Lula is directed Fábio Barreto, who was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1995 (for O Quatrilho), and who stems from one of the country’s biggest filmmaking dynasties. Producers Lucy and Paula Barreto will present the film.
Tickets can be booked by the public for £12, which includes a drinks reception at Bafta. To book it, head here.
The full programme for the 2nd Brazilian Film Festival, promoted by Inffinito Festivals Circuit, is not yet available. All we know so far is that the other feature screenings will be held at the glitzy Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus, and a parallel selection of musical documentaries at the Southbank Centre. More news coming soon.
Lula – O Filho do Brasil será o filme de abertura do 2nd Brazilian Film Festival este ano. A sessão de gala acontecerá dia 1º de setembro no Princess Theatre, que fica na sede da Bafta Academy.

Mais uma grande interpretação de Glória Pires, como Dona Lindu

Baseado no livro de mesmo nome de Denise Paraná, o filme dramatiza a vida do atual presidente do Brasil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. De seu nascimento em 1945 e infância pobre como engraxate, até 1980 quando torna-se líder do Partido dos Trabalhadores, este sucesso de bilheteria local conta a extraordinária e inspiradora estória de superação, até a morte de sua mãe, Dona Lindu, que criou sozinha oito filhos, ensinando-os a viver a vida sempre com dignidade.

Lula é dirigido por Fábio Barreto, indicado ao Oscar de filme estrangeiro em 1995 por O Quatrilho, e que vem de uma das maiores dinastias cinematográfias do Brasil. As produtoas Lucy e Paula Barreto estarão presentes para apresentar o filme.
Os ingressos já estão à venda por £12, e incluem uma recepção com drinques no Bafta. Para adquirí-los, clique aqui.
A programação completa do 2nd Brazilian Film Festival, promovido pelo Circuito Inffinito de Festivais, ainda não foi divulgado. Tudo que se sabe até agora é que as demais sessões acontecerão no requintado Apollo Cinema de Piccadilly Circus e uma mostra paralela de documentários musicais no Southbank Centre. Mais informações em breve.
Until August 31st, the BFI Southbank celebrates the most representative and acclaimed South American films from the recent years. Curated by Demetrios Matheou and Maria Delgado, the selection includes 6 wonderful Brazilian movies. You can check the full programme and book tickets (£9 each, £7,60 for members, £5 on Tuesdays) at the BFI website.
(texts from BFI programme)
Cidade de Deus (City of God, 2002)
Dir. Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund
Starring Alexande Rodrigues, Seu Jorge, Leandro Firmino, Matheus Nachtergaele, Alice Braga
2 Aug 18:15 / 8 Aug 20:30
This sprawling, engrossing account of the rise of drug gangs in a Rio favela has the customary features of crime drama – psychotic hoods, power struggle and betrayal, violence – but also a milieu that had rarely been seen before. Meirelles and his collaborators devised a bravura narrative style, at the heart of which are mesmerising performances from real-life favela kids, a veritable choir of angels with dirty faces.
Nominated for 4 Oscars (director, adapted screenplay, cinematography, editing); winner of a Bafta ( editing) and nominated for foreign film; awarded at festivals and from critics in New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Havana, Chicago, Marrakesh, Guadalajara, Cartagena etc.; voted movie of the year by Empire magazine in 2003.
Central do Brasil (Central Station, 1998)
Dir. Walter Salles
Starring Fernanda Montenegro, Vinícius de Oliveira, Marília Pêra, Othon Bastos
3 Aug 20:40 / 7 Aug 15:50 / 17 Aug 14:00
Fernanda Montenegro was Oscar-nominated for her performance as the cynical, cheating Dora, a retired teacher who reluctantly helps a homeless boy search for the father he’s never known – and rediscovers her humanity in the process. Salles’ influential third feature is a deeply affecting road movie through which, as his odd couple travel from Rio into the Brazilian hinterland, the director explores a country shaken by years of adversity.
Winner of the Golden Bear at Berlin Festival (best film) and Silver Bear (best actress); nominated for 2 Oscars (foreign film and actress); winner of a Bafta for best foreign film; winner of a Golden Globe for best foreign film, and nominated for best drama actress; winner of best actress award from the Los Angeles Film Critics and National Board of Review (also best foreign film).
Ônibus 174 (Bus 174, 2002)
Dir. José Padilha
3 Aug 18:15 / 7 Aug 20:40
This fine documentary is concerned with an infamous bus hijacking in Rio and the subsequent stand-off between the hijacker and police, which had the nation glued to its television screens. Padilha uses the TV footage to reconstruct the long, nerve-shredding siege (with a kinetic style reminiscent of Kevin Macdonald’s One Day in September), while exploring the social conditions that turned a homeless man into a criminal.
Awarded at festivals in Havana, Munich and Rotterdam.
Diários de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries, 2004)
Dir. Walter Salles
Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo de la Serna
10 Aug 20:20 / 14 Aug 18:00 / 31 Aug 20:30
Salles again turned to the road movie to chart the coming of age of Che Guevara. Adapted from the revolutionary’s famed memoir, this follows Guevara and spirited pal Alberto Grenado on their journey around South America in the early 1950s, when they discovered a continent bound by injustice. With its charismatic leads open to the genuine encounters of the road, this is a charming, subtle, persuasive account of political awakening. Co-production Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Peru/USA.
Winner of an Oscar for best original song and nominated for adapted screenplay; winner of 2 Baftas (best music and foreign film) and nominated for other 5 awards (including film and both leading actors); winner of 3 awards at the Cannes Festival.
Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus (Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures, 2005)
Dir. Marcelo Gomes
Starring João Miguel, Peter Ketnath, Hermila Guedes
12 Aug 18:30 / 15 Aug 20:40
The 1940s. Johann, a German escaping the World War, is selling aspirin in rural Brazil – and showing movies on a portable projector to attract the punters. On his travels he encounters a local, Ranulpho, and offers him a job as his assistant. Together they bicker, laugh, share stories and slowly disclose information about their lives. Gomes’ assured road movie is a handsomely shot study of an unlikely friendship in compromised times.
Awarded at festivals in Cannes, Guadalajara, Lima and Mar del Plata; winner of 5 Cinema of Brazil Grand Prizes (including best film, director and original screenplay).
Cidade Baixa (Lower City, 2005)
Dir. Sérgio Machado
Starring Wagner Moura, Lázaro Ramos, Alice Braga, José Dumont
18 Aug 20:45 / 22 Aug 16:00 / 29 Aug 20:40
There is an edgy verisimilitude to Sérgio Machado’s love-triangle drama, shot amongst the hustlers, criminals and prostitutes of Brazil’s colourful port city, Salvador. The director has a refreshingly non-judgmental approach to his wayward protagonists (lustily played by three of the country’s biggest young stars). And, such is his visceral rendering of his setting, one imagines being able to smell the blood, sweat and sex.
Awarded at festivals in Cannes, Havana, Huelva, Los Angeles, Miami and Verona; nominated to 15 Cinema of Brazil Grand Prizes, and winner for best actress.

Yes… after starting as a blog for the Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm festival, held between June 25 and July 3 at the Barbican Centre,  its purpose has expanded!

It aims now to cover everything related to Brazilian cinema happening in London. Festivals, exhibitions, special screenings, interviews and interesting news about Brazilian filmography.

As well as this blog and the Twitter account, we now have a Facebook page, which will list all these great events as well. Please don´t forget to “like us” out there.

And if we skip mentioning any event, or if you have any suggestion or comments, feel free to email us at cinemaofbrazilinlondon@gmail.com .

See you (very) soon!

Pois é. O que começou como o blog de cobertura do festival Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm, que aconteceu entre 25.06 e 03.07 no Barbican Centre, agora tem o intuito de permanecer atualizado o ano todo.

A ideia é falar sobre tudo relacionado a cinema brasileiro que acontece em Londres. Festivais, mostras, sessões especiais, entrevistas e notícias em geral que ressaltem a cinematografia do Brasil.

Além do blog e do Twitter, temos agora uma página no Facebook, que também vai incluir as principais novidades.

Se esquecermos de falar de algum evento, ou quem tiver qualquer sugestão, crítica ou comentário, é só mandar um email para o cinemaofbrazilinlondon@gmail.com.

Até (muito) breve!

Wednesday evening at the Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm festival was time for two brilliant documentaries about geniouses of Brazilian music. Loki – Arnaldo Baptista and Vinícius, both award-winning productions, were screened at Barbican´s Cinema 1. Audiences could know the incredible stories of those two fascinating personalities, which are considered some of the greatest composers and lyricists of all time.

Vinícius was followed by a Q&A session with veteran director Miguel Faria Jr. He told the public how close he was to Vinícius de Moraes in real life and answered a few questions about the making of the documentary. Click on the image below to check our image gallery of the festival.

Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm Festival 2010

Ousting fierce competition from World Cup, Wimbledon and the temperature over 30 degrees, the Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm festival had a terrific third day of screenings, with The Escape of the Gorilla Woman and Simonal – No One Knows How Tough It Was. The director of Simonal, Micael Langer, attended a Q&A session after the screening, with brilliant participation from the audience.
Have a look at our photo gallery, clicking on the image below. More of the festival coverage coming shortly.

Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm Festival 2010

Two spectacular films amazed the audience of Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm festival on Saturday evening. Capoeira epic Besouro attracted a vivid audience, who cheered with its exciting action sequences. And rap drama Antônia captivated everyone with its spontaneous cast and irresistible soundtrack. Both film directors, João Daniel Tikhomiroff and Tata Amaral, attended the Q&A sessions which followed the respective screenings.

Have a look at our photo gallery, clicking on the image below. More of the festival coverage coming shortly.

Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm Festival 2010
The audience at the majestic Barbican Centre´s Cinema 1 was taken by the Bossa Nova music last evening. Out of Tune, directed by Walter Lima Jr., opened the Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm festival, making everyone thrilled by its rhythm.
Before the screening, a drinks reception was offered for guests at the Fountain Room.
Barbican’s Head of Cinema Robert Rider, Cultural Attaché for the Embassy of Brazil in London Carlos Pachá, and the festival curator Adriana Rouanet, introduced this year’s festival, thanking all supporters (including major partner TAM Airlines) and the public that honours the Brazilian cinema.

A great audience attended Barbican´s Cinema 1 last evening

“Nothing on this scale have been produced before on Brazilian music and cinema in the UK. Congratulations to all involved”, said Rider.
Out of Tune, which tells the fictional story of a group of friends who struggle to succeed with their Bossa Nova band in the 60s, received a wide range of applauses after its screening. Legendary director Walter Lima Jr. and one of the stars Ângelo Paes Leme talked about the film and their careers in a Q&A session, with a few questions from the interested audience.
Click on the image below to check our full Festival Opening Gala gallery, with photos from the reception, screening of Out of Tune and Q&A session.
A plateia do majestoso Cinema 1 do Barbican Centre foi tomada pelo ritmo da Bossa Nova na noite de ontem. Os Desafinados, de Walter Lima Jr., abriu o festival Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm, emocionando o público presente.
Antes da exibição do filme, foi oferecida uma recepção para convidados na Fountain Room da instituição. O diretor do departamento de cinema do Barbican, Robert Rider, o Chefe do Setor Cultural da Embaixada do Brasil em Londres, Carlos Pachá, e a curadora do festival, Adriana Rouanet, fizeram a apresentação da quarta edição do festival, agradecendo aos apoiadores (como a TAM Linhas Aéreas) e ao público que prestigia o cinema brasileiro.

Director Walter Lima Jr. (L) and actor Ângelo Paes Leme during the Q&A session

Os Desafinados, que conta a história fictícia de um grupo de amigos que luta para fazer sucesso com a banda nos anos 60, foi bastante aplaudido após sua exibição. O lendário diretor Walter Lima Jr. e um dos protagonistas do filme Ângelo Paes Leme, falaram sobre o filme e suas carreiras em um sessão de perguntas e repostas, com participação do público.
Clique na imagem baixo para ver a galeria completa da abertura do festival, com fotos da recepção, exibição e debate sobre Os Desafinados.
Cinema of Brazil: Music and Rhythm Festival 2010